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What do you do when you get an unanswered prayer? The first time I got an answered prayer it was refreshing because I had gotten used to a life where I was never really sure if my prayer would be answ
How can I be assured of salvation? How many times have you surrendered your heart to the Lord? Many people give their life to Christ repeatedly because they are not sure if they are saved yet. The ins
Worrying does not add one inch to your height. Many people worry subconsciously. You worry about your family, your business, the future, and things as mundane as the weather. Worrying can become a hab
You need faith to live the victorious Christian life. You need faith to get your prayers answered, to know who to marry, and to know what business or purpose is for you. We need faith for everything i
How to please God: A step-by-step process The bible says that Enoch pleased God and He was not. Christians all over the world start out wanting to please God in every area of their life. Hebrews 11:5
Pray more! Your prayer works. The reason why your prayers work is because of the name of Jesus, because of His righteousness in you and because the blood of Jesus still has power. Never be afraid to r

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